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Miss Helen Harding

About Me

Mistress Helen Harding is sensually erotic, temptingly cruel with exceptional curves, amazing full breasts, long fair hair and a very accurate right hand to wield the whip, cane or any other suitable punishment.

London – Birmingham

Est. 1990

A unique individual service

Bespoke discrete sessions tailored to suit all kinks and persuasions from the novice player to seasoned professional.

Satisfaction is assured.

all about mistress

I am a renowned busty London-Birmingham based English Dominatrix–fantasy specialist highly experienced in all aspects of B.D.S.M. and fetish entertainment.

If this is your first time visiting my site then prepare to have your mind blown.

I am completely unique in the world of domination.

I am an individual and a trailblazer.

I won’t be boring you with annoying clichés or synonyms for the sensual and sadistic as might be found in an old thesaurus.

My ego doesn’t need stroking and I don’t need to make things up in order to lure you in.

What you’ll see is what you’ll be getting and you’ll go to places you didn’t know you wanted to visit until I take you there.

My centrally located apartment is Exceptionally equipped with an array of implements, uniforms and furniture to suit
All kinky tastes, wants and desires.

Novices are welcomed and will always be given the time to talk things over and listened to with an attentive ear
Limits are always respected.

Sessions generally run for a minimum of an hour or two longer sessions are available upon request.

I am available from 10 am until late same-day appointments can be arranged.

Tribute to be negotiated.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer sensual Domination?
Yes. In a limited capacity

Do you offer sissy transformation?
Yes. I offer all forms of sissyfication I have an extensive sissy wardrobe & play room.

Do you employ none paying slaves sissy’s?
No. Not usually unless you are amazingly talented in some shape or form.

Do you switch?
No. I do not switch.

Do you offer sexual services?
No. I do not.

Do you see novices?
Yes. I do I shall make some allowances for beginners whilst in training however this will not continue.

Do you offer extreme Domination / corporal punishment?
Yes. I do I am highly experienced in all types Domination /corporal punishment.

Where are you based?
I am between Central London/Birmingham.

Is Mistress discreet?
My discretion is 100% assured I shall never compromise your privacy and expect the same courtesy in return.

Can I park my car near your premises?
Yes. There is metered car spaces nearby

Is your studio within the congestion zone?
Yes. In London, there is a congestion charge.

Which days are you available for sessioning?
I am available seven days a week from 10 am until late for appointments after 10pm the tribute may vary.

Do you offer same day Appointments?
Yes. That is possible however some notice is preferable.

May I buy Mistress a present?
Yes. You may buy Perfume, Latex, Jewellery are a few of my favourite presents. However Mistress has high standards and does expect slaves/sissies to be extremely generous.

About My Studio ….
My studio is my private apartment so not a commercial dungeon it is discreet exceptionally clean well heated in winter & cool in summer with shower facilities and toiletries provided.

Are your rates negotiable?
Can I have a discount?
Yes. My rates are negotiable but only upwards.

Slave Lawrence

Upon arrival at my premises devoted slave Lawrence had a very nervous disposition and a look of dread upon his face
I should think so due to his insolent attitude earlier in the day I summoned him to enter.

He immediately fell to his knees in a pathetic heap grovelling and pleading for mercy.

I looked down on this so called pathetic excuse of a man and ordered him to be quiet immediately I proceeded to administer a well deserved short sharpe shock with one almighty swing I landed a slap across his face leaving a nice rosey red handprint.

Which I must say I was rather proud of
I held his chin in my hand firmly stared into his eyes stating y that will teach you obviously you have forgotten your place
I then ordered slave to crawl along the corridor whereupon I made him strip completely naked.

And tightly fastend a collar and leash around his neck I decided it was well overdue to push this slaves limits so I fitted him with a chastity device turned the key in lock and dropped it between my ample bosoms for safe keeping
I stated this will be staying on for the foreseeable future in response he begged and pleaded for permission to speak
I granted permission.

Slave squirmed please mistress I cant keep this on forever
I laughed and said I shall do with you and that as I please you are mistresses property the sooner you learn that the better.

I then walked over to my wall of implements and choose one of my favourites.

A long whippy leather riding crop and proceeded to thrash slave soundly on his bottom.

After a sound thrashing and lots of grovelling for mercy I decided it was time to put my slave away for some sensory deprivation in my dungeon.

I pulled slave sharply by his leash.

Then I gaged blindfolded and bound him tightly so there was no room for movement.

I started to slowly close the door to the dungeon leaving my slave in complete darkness I left him with a parting message in a rather cruel tone I said.

I shall also be locking the door behind me so there will be no escape for you.

You could be here forever if mistress so desires
I could hear the muffled sound from my slave pleading
Obviously falling on deaf ears.

I slowly turned the key and left him there for quiet some time until I decided to set him free well not quiet free as of course he still had his chastity securely locked and mistress is the holder of the key and owner of devoted slave Lawrence.


Naughty Fredrick

Naughty Fredrick received the full range of disciplinary implements of canes, straps, paddles, whips due to his persistent backchat. It was only correct that Mistress taught him a very well deserved lesson. 

Foot Slave Roberto

Foot Slave Roberto received the full range of disciplinary implements of canes, straps, paddles, whips due to his persistent backchat. It was only correct that Mistress taught him a very well deserved lesson. 

Sissy Amanda

Sissy Amanda arrived rather nervous, but that was to be expected. This was her very first time in the presence of a professional mistress; it was also her first time having a complete sissy makeover. We had previously had a detailed discussion, a few days earlier, and she had told me how she had been secretly dressing for some time now and how very nervous she was about our meeting. But also very excited.

The session began with mistress firmly stating that I would make some allowances for her being a novice but she should not expect too much leniency for her shortcomings. I stressed how I expect one hundred percent from all my sissys; that she must not take her commitments to mistress lightly. Sissy Amanda replied: “Yes, mistress, I promise I will try my best to be the very best little sissy that you have ever owned.” Mistress responded by saying: “We shall have to wait and see about that, won’t we?”

I commanded sissy to strip. She did so, although I noticed she was shaking nervously. I encouraged her by saying that if she was a good little sissy I would dress her up in some sexy, lacy black lingerie. Sissy immediately replied: “Oh yes, please, mistress.”
I told sissy to get down on all fours and grovel and plead for mistress to transform her. She did so, with much effort. I must say I was quite impressed with her for a beginner.

I proceeded to dress sissy in black lingerie and stockings, with a bright pink crop top and matching skirt. I could see she was very excited with the results, although I told her there was still a long way to go.

I made a start with the make-up but while at my dressing table I could see sissy was trying to take a peek. From then on I slapped her from time to time and reminded her not to look. “Mistress will give you permission as to when you may look,” I said firmly, “once your sissyfication is complete.”

I then proceeded to choose a silky long blonde wig and black stiletto heels, which set everything off wonderfully. Standing back looking at my creation, I was rather pleased. I commanded sissy to look into the full-length mirror. Sissy’s eyes were wide in amazement at what I had achieved.

“Is that really me, mistress?”
“Yes, and what do you have to say to mistress for all of her hard work?”

Sissy replied: “Oh, I’m so sorry, mistress. Thank you so so much, my beautiful mistress. You have worked wonders with this pathetic man.”

I said: “You shall now spend all day long practising how to walk in those high heels while doing chores until you are perfect. I guarantee that you will be pleading with mistress to be allowed to remove them by the time I’m finished with you. But first you shall be locked away in mistress’s cage for a short while. If I hear a sound from you, I shall take you out and punish you.”

Sissy spent some time locked away. Upon her release I gave her naughty little bottom
a sound thrashing, for indeed she had made a sound.

I then decided it was time for chores under mistress supervision. Of course, she was punished again due to her laziness and lack of experience. To be truthful, mistress had already started to tire a little of this inexperienced sissy and thought this was enough training for one day.

I stared at sissy; she had tears in her eyes. She pleaded for permission to speak, which I granted. Then she begged.

“Please, please, mistress my feet hurt so much. They are so tired. Please may I remove my high heels?”
“No, you may not!” I said, very firmly.
She pleaded again and again.

I said: “OK, if sissy stands for another ten minutes in complete silence, without making a single sound, then I may show some compassion and allow her to take them off and set her free for today.”
She replied: “Thank you, mistress. I will do as I am told. I shan’t fail.”

Sissy then actually stood in complete silence for ten whole minutes, whereupon she was set free and left very happy with her beginner’s session with Mistress Harding.

"A fabulous kinky time was had at the hands of my very busty latex-clad Mistress. Thank-you from this grovelling, pathetic slave!"

Slave Rob

"Mistress is a fabulously dominant woman but was also sensitive and responsive with this out-of-practice sub. Thanks to Mistress Harding"

Naughty Boy Drew

"Kindness, Mercy and Forgiveness. These words will never pass Miss Hardings lips. Unrelenting in her divine crueulty I had no choice but to submit with pleasure. Thank-you your obedient Sissy Boo Boo"

Sissy Boo Boo

Mistress is a relentless task master

Mistress demands complete obedience and adoration from her slaves, sissies and naughty boys.

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Mistress Helen Harding is sensually erotic, temptingly cruel with exceptional curves, amazing full breasts, long fair hair and a very accurate right hand to wield the whip, cane or any other suitable punishment.

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